J.J. Watt now is a part-time shoe salesman and his new way to promote his Reebok shoes before they hit the market was by taking shots at the Big Baller Brand and Lavar Ball. 

Watt’s Reebok shoes cost only $99 compared to the ZO2 shoe Ball selling at $495. While he was promoting the shoes before their release, Watt tweeted “400 dollars less than some shoes on the market and 100% more effective.”

On Wednesday, Watt said taking on Big Baller on social media provided free marketing.

“I was just promoting my shoe,” he said. “They look great. I was just trying to sell some shoes. It worked. You guys [media] blew it up. I appreciate it. You guys marketed it way more than I did, so thank you. It worked really well.”

It worked well indeed, Mr. Watt, and from all of us in the sports world we wish you the best of luck in your future products.