​This all seems a bit uncalled for.

​For an NBA superstar, critics will always be there as sure as the sun rises in the morning (​just ask Kevin Durant). Damian Lillard, the superstar point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers, is no different.

​Since Lillard broke into the league in 2012, he has consistently been one of the best point guards in the game. His scoring ability is aligned with the ongoing NBA trend of shoot-first point guards who can open space for others and, at times more importantly, themselves. He has a track record to prove he's one of the elite players the league has to offer, and it appears he's fed up with NBA analysts and reporters "throwing [his] name around."

​Check out the response he had for ESPN's Tom Haberstroh, who compared Kyrie Irving to Dame in what Lillard perceived as in a disrespectful manner. Here's the initial tweet:

And here's Lillard's response:

​​Listen, I'm all for athletes defending themselves when attacked by prominent members of the media, but it's pretty difficult to accuse Haberstroh of dragging Lillard in this situation. The comparison may not be accurate and definitely wasn't in Lillard's favor, but it does always seem a bit contrived when an athlete responds to the slightest criticism-- especially during the slow, tumultuous offseason. 

Malicious intent is one thing, but it appeared as though Haberstroh was simply trying to make a  comparison that didn't favor Lillard. I'm normally one to side with the athlete but this is a classic case of thin skin.

​Nothing like NBA Twitter beef.