​It's been a few weeks since all-star guard Gordon Hayward decided to trade in his Utah Jazz jersey for a Boston Celtics one. 

To say his departure from Utah went smoothly would be a lie. 

​Everyone, from fans to players, were hurt that he did not stay.  Even though you would think he could put Utah past him as he ventures on a new journey, that just isn't happening. 

Hayward is still front and center of conversations in Utah. 

The latest rumor going around speculates Hayward demanded the team make a play for Ricky Rubio in order to get him to stay, but he wound up leaving anyway. That is definitely a cruel move if it were true but Hayward denies it. 

He is not here for the speculation or the rumors and decided to set the record straight. 

It was made clear to the organization that he would look at other options and he was not guaranteed to stay. 

The situation with Hayward and Utah has been a bit messy to say the least and we can expect an interesting matchup once the Celtics and Jazz face each other.