Things are getting crazy. 

The basketball world was shocked yesterday to learn that Cavs superstar point guard Kyrie Irving had ​requested a trade away from the team, stemming from his desire to be the No. 1 guy and no longer sit in LeBron's shadow. 

Of course, the second that news became public, reports starting spewing out of potential deals. One team that continues to pop up is the ​New York Knicks (one of Kyrie's ​preferred destinations), and according to sources, it seems we may have a potential deal in place. ​

​​This trade would be absolutely insane, but also insanely...good for all parties?

The Knicks would get two things they desperately need, as Kyrie can be the superstar to pair with Kristaps Porzingis, and the return of Tyson Chandler would give them some presence in the paint. 

The Suns would get some good young talent in Frank Ntilikina, and a great shooter/rebounder in Kevin Love. Finally, the Cavs would get Melo, who LeBron badly wants, and Eric Bledsoe, who would take over the shooting role that Kyrie would leave empty. He's also another member of LeBron's Klutch family and someone he may not be eager to leave for the beaches of Los Angeles.

Obviously picks would also be involved in this, but in the end, this trade doesn't seem half bad.