​John Wall has been absolutley outstanding in his NBA career and he is currently being under paid, however after his newest extension kicks in, he will be one of wealthiest men in the NBA. 

Wall has averaged a double-double for the past three seasons, that is something that not too many players can say they have done. His reported four-year, $170 million dollar extension certainly will be a great representation of his star status.

​​Wall in the past has made a fuss over his payment, noting that he is getting paid the same as Reggie Jackson and others who haven't even made all-star teams. 

In 2013 Wall signed a five-year, $80 million dollar contract with the Wizards.

Wall is now in the last two years of that deal and he will make about $37.1 million over that time. When his new extension kicks in, he will make more than that in one year.

​​While the contract is actually four years with the fourth year being a player option, Wall is going to be receiving a massive payday. 

Well-deserved for the superstar.