The Mets season has reached a new low...or maybe this is a new high? 

Citi Field is becoming more and more empty by the game. As the Mets continue to flounder in MLB mediocrity, the team sells fewer and fewer tickets to most of their games, probably because it's just easier to have sex in the privacy of your own home.

But they still manage to draw a few stragglers per game! Sure, you'd think that most fans would go check out that casino, or maybe hit up Shake Shack for a delicious burger. But these two fans had something totally different in mind. 

​​That's right folks, that is two lovely fans just going at it as hard as they possibly can in the Mets bathroom. Right in the middle of the game. 

I'm not sure what makes this video better, the fact that you can hear the announcer calling the game over the speakers, or the inconspicuous moan that you can just make out at the end from the cowgirl. 

Either way, this is baseball gold. Maybe these two can be the next Mr. and Mrs. Met?

Unfortunately, if he forgot to use protection, they legally have to name the kid Yoenis.