​Believe it or not, Carlos Beltran was actually a phenomenal defensive player at one point of his career, winning three Gold Gloves and making countless web gems.  

However, Father Time is undefeated, and it is certainly not 2006 anymore.  As a result, the now 40-year-old Beltran is almost exclusively a DH (he last played the field on May 16th), as he is too stiff and slow to play the field at this point of his career.

Accordingly, Beltran's Astros teammates actually held a funeral today because his glove is barely used. 

​​The Astros clearly took this funeral very seriously, as they all wore black, and Brian McCann even dressed as a Priest!  

Hopefully the Astros wrote something about the countless highlights that Beltran's glove has provided us with over the years.

Rest in peace, Beltran's glove.  You will be never be forgotten.