​Am I the only one who thinks this wouldn't be a bad thing?

Le'Veon Bell and the Steelers failed to reach a long-term deal by today's deadline, meaning the running back will essentially play out a one-year contract. Given that the franchise tag gets more expensive every year, the Steelers will be in a tough spot next March. 

They may also be in a tough spot now, as there's a chance Bell might sit out all of training camp. 

This wouldn't be unprecedented, as Eric Berry sat out all of training camp last year before reporting for duty. Berry played very well in 2016, and then signed a huge contract with the Chiefs after the season anyway. 

Running back is a position that benefits from as much rest as possible, so there's a decent chance that sitting out camp could only make him better next year. There could be a silver lining to this news after all. 

The Steelers win either way in that situation.