With the trade deadline just two weeks away, teams are making the last minute decision on whether they will be buyers, sellers, or hold firm with what they have. 

For some, this means the disappointing realization that their roster simply isn't good enough ​to compete for a World Series, and it may be time to look to rebuild. 

One team that should be considering entering a rebuild are the Detroit Tigers. 

The Tigers are currently the second worst team in the American League, only better than the Chicago White Sox, who just went full rebuild mode themselves. Detroit's 41-49 record is a far cry from a Wild Card team, though they do carry some extremely valuable assets. 

Veteran studs such as Justin Verlander, Justin Wilson, JD Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton, and Miguel Cabrera could all fetch an excellent return in the trade market, especially from some of the big market teams looking to contend for a World Series this year. 

The Tigers should throw in the towel on 2017 and start from the bottom once more. The market for pitching is clear (thanks to the Quintana deal), and it's appears to be a great time to sell. Verlander is a proven star and despite his struggles throughout the season, a change of scene could be all that the 34 year old needs to regain his sharp form. 

If Detroit accepts the extremely evident truth, that the team is not a contender, then right now would be the perfect time to make some important strides for the future.

Michael Fulmer looks like the real deal and the Tigers can look to build a young rotation around him, while adding new bats as well. 

The White Sox shipped off their ace and in return they received a handful of prospects that are shaping their farm system into perhaps the most deadly in baseball. White Sox fans have a reason to be excited and Tigers fans should be hoping for just the same. 

Detroit will be fielding a glut of phone calls over the coming weeks, and it would be wise for Brad Ausmus and Co. to consider cutting ties with some of their top players and start the #Tigers2020 bandwagon.