​The Boston Celtics added a star in Gordon Hayward this summer, giving them three when he pairs with IT4 and Al Horford.

Chris Mannix of The Vertical expects one more could be considered by the team, depending on how the New Orleans Pelicans' season unfolds.

Anthony Davis has spent his entire career with the Pelicans, but the team has simultaneously set themselves to either build around him or trade him away for a stunning package, one no team may be able to provide.

If the Celtics could pull it off, however, they would arguably have the best team in the entire NBA. Horford and Davis may struggle initially to work together in the front court, but they would have a starting four that would rival that of the Golden State Warriors.


For many, the time is now or never for Davis and the Pelicans to get over the hump.

If it doesn't happen, the Celtics could prepare to land a star who would be locked up through 2020, easily ushering in a new era of Eastern Conference dominance.

Just a month ago, ​it seemed ridiculous. Not anymore.