​Things are just getting worse and worse for Ezekiel Elliott. That's just how his offseason has gone thus far. 

Reports surfaced early that the​ Cowboys star running back was involved in an altercation at a nightclub that ended up with fists flying. 

According to TMZ, Elliott was the man who threw the punch. The results are definitely not good. 

​​Just look at that man rolling around on the floor in pain. That's brutal. 

The person who took the video claims it was Elliott who threw the punch. As you can see, that's definitely not a good look for a player who's already been in hot water several times this offseason. 

While Elliott has not been arrested just yet and no complaints have been filed, the fact that he's even tied to yet another circumstance like this just shows you how much trouble this man is headed for. 

If Elliott was in fact the one that left this man lying on the ground for minutes, he better continue to brace himself for a suspension.