​As the saying goes, the saddest thing in life is wasted talent. 

If you go back a few years, there were few players in all of basketball that were as exciting as Dwight Howard. The league rarely sees big men with that kind of athleticism. From Superman dunks in the Dunk Contest to the three straight years he won Defensive Player of the Year, nobody could be compared to Howard. The man was incredible. 

Now, all he's good for is some well thought 'your mom' jokes on Twitter. 

He's become nothing but a cautionary tale. The fall from grace Howard is currently experiencing is unlike any other.  

Howard should still be viewed as a player who was once an incredible talent, but not anymore. He used to command double teams on a nightly basis. Now, he got traded from Marco Belinelli and a bag of old basketballs. 

People have just grown tired of Howard's antics. He's a coach killer, a team killer, and one of the bigger egotistical players in the league. He can't even own up to mistakes he's made, like how he's claiming​ it was the media who ruined his one year stint in LA. 

There was once a stretch where he was one of the best players in the NBA. Now, he's just a laughing stock.