​There's a lot going on here, so take a seat.

As per usual, LaVar Ball decided ​to run his mouth again the other day, this time using LaMelo as a human shield in saying that the father-son duo would destroy another father-son duo in a game of 2-on-2: Shareef and Shaquille O'Neal.

​Overtime caught the whole thing!

Unsurprisingly, Shaq, who has a tendency to be outspoken himself, wasn't feeling it.

His hilarious and bizarre response, however, should draw the attention away from LaVar Ball, if just for a brief moment.

The caption: "If lavar ball beats me I'll superglue this wig to my head forever. It's only one BIG BALLER BRAND and that's me THE SHAQ BRAND. Wake up bro. I made more free throws in a game then the points you averaged mr 2.2 a game. Respect this first balloter."

Upon further inspection, Shaq did surprisingly make 4.9 free throws per game during his career (though he missed almost just as many).

Without a doubt, Shaq and his son -- one of the top recruits in the country -- would destroy LaVar and LaMelo.

But maybe Shaq should throw the game. NBA on TNT would certainly be more interesting with a blonde wig attached to his head during every taping.