​All rise for the troll job of the century.

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge looked like he was finally ready to snap out of his recent funk and get back to doing what he does best: mashing home runs.

However, Boston Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. wasn't having it, timing his jump perfectly to ​emphatically take away the long ball.

It wasn't just the highlight of the Sunday night victory for Boston. 

It also gave their Twitter account a massive trolling opportunity they had to take.

All Rise.

So simple, yet so scathing. Bradley Jr. definitely rose to make that grab in the deepest part of Fenway Park, forcing Judge to sit back down.

Judge has had a phenomenal rookie season, earning him accolades, celebratory status, and even his own cheering section at Yankee Stadium.

But even if the success hasn't gotten to his head yet, he needed to be cut down a notch. The Red Sox were happy to do so on Sunday night - twice.