Big Baller Brand what?

Lonzo Ball has created a ton of controversy after deciding not to wear his signature BBB shoes in recent Summer League games. 

Ball has since tried out a number of different shoes. He's gone from Nike to Adidas to Under Armour and now Jordan. In Sunday's Summer League semifinal against the Dallas Mavericks, he's ditching the ZO2's once again and wearing the Air Jordan 31s.

When asked if he was trying to start a bidding war Ball had a classic Ball family response.

This quote is in reference to all of the companies that did not want to strike a licensing deal with his father, LaVar, earlier this year. Because of this, Lonzo came into the league as an independent athlete and able to wear whatever shoes he wants.

The best part about this is that Lonzo is playing his best basketball when wearing the other shoes. He has three triple-doubles in his last three games. Coincidence? 

LaVar also does not seem to be worried about the move. He said that this is a message to all of the big athletic brands. 

In the end, this is a brilliant marketing move. LaVar doesn't want Big Baller Brand to be making their own shoes, he wants to be licensing his product to the big market brands. This ploy could easily pay off. 

And let's be real: Who really wants to pay $495 for shoes that look like they came straight out of NBA 2k?