Joel Embiid has one of the most unique personalities in the NBA. 

His Twitter is full of hot takes and pensive thoughts, proving the 23-year-old star's social media savviness.

Embiid, however, found himself making a surprise appearance on Craigslist.

This isn't the most flattering depiction of Embiid that we've seen, and the center would likely be a bit disheartened by the lack of definition in his legs and arms. That said, when you get your life-sized balloon being sold on Craigslist, you've probably made it.

There are just so many questions to be asked. Is the balloon-Embiid seven feet tall? How long did it take to make the inflatable Joel? What even prompted this absurd idea?

The seller sheds some light on the latter question, suggesting a trade for his balloon creation. 

"I am especially interested in: Jointer/planer, Miter saw, A better miter gauge for my table saw, Impact driver, Router bits or accessories and Oscillating multi-tool."

Of course, the logical life-sized Joel Embiid balloon creation in exchange for some tools. Right on.

We wonder what balloon-Embiid's injury tendency is. Hopefully neither Embiid or his balloon imposter hear any pops this upcoming season.