​Martellus Bennett was clearly not feeling the photo wide receiver Davante Adams posted of some of this year's Green Bay Packers squad.

I mean, when it's missing the team's newest offensive weapon, that's kind of insulting.

So the tight end and noted creative artist decided to alter it a little bit.

All things considered, Bennett looks pretty good in this photo. He seems wired and ready to get on the field to make his expected impact with the Packers.

Training camp opens up for the team in just a week and a half, so Bennett's presence will go from cartoonish to, well, probably still cartoonish, but at least existent.

It would be really cool if he showed up with spiky blue hair, blue face paint, and a jersey that is a much more neon green than what the Packers actually wear just as a prank to his new teammates.

They need to ​get used to his personality, after all.