It's no secret that LaVar Ball is, well, confident. 

Earlier this week, Shareef O'Neal -- son of Shaq -- said that he could take LaMelo Ball on the hardwood. 

Hat tip to ​Overtime, who caught the whole thing!

Of course, LaVar was asked about the comment on Saturday and showed just how highly he thinks of himself.

In a two-on-two matchup, LaVar thinks that he and his son would "kill" Shareef and Shaq. 

Whatever you say, LaVar.

Even if the competition was close, it would most definitely be thanks to LaMelo, who just put up back-to-back 50-point games in his AAU league games, including this move.

Say what you want about the Ball family, but that was impressive. 

As to whether we'll see the fateful matchup anytime soon? I wouldn't count on it.