Amidst all the trade jargon out there, an interesting trade -- albeit an unlikely one -- is being tossed around. 

Carmelo Anthony to the Pacific Northwest?

Seems suspect, but it just might work. Melo to Portland to star alongside Damian Lillard? Whoa.

In talking about moving Melo to Houston, it became clear this week that a third team would need to be involved. Some speculated that that team might be the Trailblazers.

Now, Rip City wants the star themselves. 

Anthony, who has a no-trade clause, would have to agree to the move, but he's reportedly only willing to waive the clause to go to Houston or Cleveland. 

Unfortunately for all parties involved, in an effort to explore keeping Carmelo in New York, the Knicks have put a hold on trade talks as of Friday.

Anthony is reportedly unhappy about the road block. 

Only time will tell if any of the talk will come to fruition, or remain just that.