​Giancarlo Stanton is on the trade block, as unbelievable as that sounds. Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins are trying to save money once again, and dealing their most expensive asset is the easiest way to go about that.

Of course, Stanton is also one of the only reasons Marlins fans have to come out to their ridiculously expensive ballpark that Loria didn't pay for, but we'll ignore all of that for a moment.

According to a report, the San Francisco Giants are leading the pack as it pertains to the potential of acquiring the star slugger.

Despite the Giants' struggles on the season, they have the pieces to compete every season, and the acquisition of a player the caliber of Stanton is enticing for the Bay Area squad.

They'd likely have to give up a lot, and take on all of his salary, but for a team that's actually willing to spend money, that's not a scary proposition. If you put money into your team, the fans will pay you back.

That's an idea the Marlins just don't seem to get.