​Yasiel Puig was not about to take this lightly.

The fire inside this Cuban outfielder is unmatched in all of baseball, and if you come inside on him as a pitcher, you better be ready for the potential consequences.

Jose Urena dared to test him, and Puig looked, at least for a moment, like he was going to take a rushed visit out to the mound.

JD Realmuto got in the way, thankfully, and Puig was satisfied with hurling insults at Urena from a distance.

That didn't sit well with either dugout, and both cleared. No punches were thrown in this affair, but a full-on brawl was barely avoided.

This comes just one night after Puig launched two home runs in Miami, so you can understand his frustration when he nearly had one of his at bats taken from him.

All in all, both of these teams dodged a bullet this time around.