There is no professional sport in which athletes publicly prank one another and keep themselves entertained in bizarre, ridiculous and entertaining ways than baseball.


A peek into the Great American Ball Park before the Cincinnati Reds faced the Washington Nationals Saturday is all the proof needed to illustrate MLB's hilarious antics.

​Joey Votto made a crazy bet with teammate ​Zack Cozart that if Cozart made the All-Star team, ​he'd get a donkey. Well, Votto actually followed through on that promise.

​​Even though this was just a special 'preview' for Cozart ​while he waits on his actual future pet, hearing how serious he actually is about wanting the donkey is incredible.

​​That's an All-Star pet for an All-Star player. No jackass jokes here. Cozart is the hero we didn't know we needed. Now we just need to wait for the donkey to get its own Twitter and IG account.