​Dwight Howard hasn't been good in awhile. Some have even argued he's the worst player in basketball (looking at you, The Ringer). 

The best part about Dwight being marginal at basketball is the fact that he's not trying to impress anyone anymore. So much so, in fact, that he insulted the hell out of some random dude's mom.

You might want to know what that fan said to deserve such a public roasting. We'd love to know that as well, but this burn was so brutal that said fan either made his account private, or deleted the tweet.

This is Dwight's best win in years. Enough to boost his reputation around the league, that's for sure.

That gif has never been more appropriate.

Dwight was recently traded from his hometown Atlanta Hawks to the Charlotte Hornets for pennies on the dollar. Injuries have riddled his career, and he'll hope to resurrect his NBA life with MJ's Hornets.

We can only assume someone tweeted a Charlotte Bobcats joke at him. Howard's reaction was appropriate.