​How often do you hear this? Oh, that's right, never!

Sadly, you always hear about Olympic athletes getting suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs, as they constantly try to get a leg up on the competition both in the country, and out. However, you don't hear much about suspensions getting reversed. 

Not in the case of Gil Roberts, though, who got his suspension reversed for the most epic reason ever: kissing his girlfriend "frequently and passionately". 

​​That's right, folks. Roberts took Netflix and Chill with his girlfriend so seriously, that he literally ingested some of the medicine that she was taking for an infection, which included the banned substance probenecid. 

Roberts, who won a gold medal with the Team USA relay team in the 2016 Rio Olympics, knew he hadn't taken anything with probenecid, and asked a doctor if it was possible that kissing his girlfriend would result in some of the medicine getting into his system. 

In the end, the doctors agreed, and Roberts got his suspension reversed for being an all-out baller.