Sometimes when you think you've saved yourself from making an awkward mistake, you just go ahead and make it 100 times worse in the process.

The Wizards and Timberwolves faced off in a Summer League game today and Marcus Keene, a 5-9 guard, impressed with 12 points. He caught the attention of reporter Kristen Ledlow.

"If Isaiah Thomas among many others has taught us anything, it's that size truly does not... that's going in a poor direction."

​​Oh Kristen, you didn't.

Had she just gone on with the phrase, "size does not matter" people probably wouldn't have thought much. 

However, she indeed tried to save herself and we all knew she was making a reference to a man's package. If you check out the video above, you can see she realized she made a mistake and had an awkward chuckle. 

It was a funny moment for everyone involved. Don't sweat it, Kristen!