The NCAA Men's Basketball Committee has changed its view when selecting and seeding teams in the Men's Basketball Tournament. 

Normally, the four categories a team is graded on are the wins against teams who fall in the following categories according to the NCAA Raring Percentage Index: wins against teams the top 50, 51-100, 101-200, and any team ranked lower than 200. 

Starting next season the metrics are going to change.

With a greater emphasis on road wins, it can better determine a team's overall ranking in the Top 50 as well as a better seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

With this ruling the four new categories will be as follows: 

The first category consists of home games vs teams ranked in the top 30, neutral site games against teams in the top 50, and road games against teams ranked in the top 75. Category two will consist of home games played against teams ranked 31-75, neutral site games against teams ranked 51-100, and road games against teams ranked 76-135. 

The third category will contain home games played against teams ranked 76-160, games played at a neutral court against teams ranked 101-200, and road games against teams ranked from 136-240. Lastly, the fourth and final category includes home games against teams ranked 161-351, neutral site games against teams ranked 201-351, and road games versus teams ranked 241-351.

“The emphasis of performing well on the road is important, as was the need for teams not to be penalized as much for road losses," said Mark Hollis, current basketball committee chairman. "Beating elite competition, regardless of the game location, will still be rewarded, but the committee wanted the team sheets to reflect that a road game against a team ranked 60th is mathematically more difficult and of higher quality than a home game versus a team ranked 35th. We feel this change accomplishes that.” 

In simpler terms, it is harder to win on the road. With this ruling, it gives teams who earn tough, hard fought wins on the road the credit they deserve.  

With these rule changes, there may be a greater emphasis for teams to play a stronger non-conference schedule in order to improve their NCAA Tournament resume.  

March Madness is considered one of the greatest sporting events every year. With this rule change, it will help the committee who are the best 68 teams in the country.