Kansas State’s left tackle Scott Frantz spoke up about his sexuality, sharing the news with ESPN that he is gay.

Frantz said he publicly came out so he could “reach out to all the other kids who are just like me.”

He first came out to his teammates at Kansas State in 2015 in a team-building exercise. "I came out to my teammates, and I've never felt so loved and so accepted ever in my life than when I did that. And ever since then it's been great. I've grown so much closer to my teammates since. So, it's been an amazing experience."

Frantz explained to the media that he has known he was gay since he was in fifth grade. Head Coach Bill Snyder said he knew his boys would be receptive of Frantz news and would treat him just as they always have- with love and respect.

Frantz started 13 games for the Wildcats last season and has high expectations to take the starting left tackle position this season.

According to ESPN, Frantz and Arizona freshman defensive end My-King Johnson are the only two openly gay players in major college football.

Frantz decision to publicly come out may have been triggered after New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan announced that he is gay, considering he told ESPN just a month after.

Frantz, Johnson and O’Callaghan are indefinitely paving the road for further acceptance of gay players in any sport in America, and stand up for those who feel they can’t be who they really are.

Way to go, Frantz!