Nick Saban may shake Guz Malzahn’s hand before and after games, but he sure let the Auburn Tigers know how he feels about them in the SEC Media Days.

The SEC Media Days were filled with praise of Saban’s Crimson Tide team who has won four of the last five conference championships. The Tide dominates SEC competition year after year, will anyone ever match up?

Someone who sparked the conversation asked, “Coach, you guys have won 17 straight SEC games now. You pretty much dominated the league over the last few years."

"How do you respond to those who say that your program is turning the SEC into a one-team league? And do you sense anybody getting closer to catching up with you guys?”

Saban then listed about every team in the SEC saying what he respects about each program. The one team clearly not mentioned? Malzahn’s Auburn Tigers.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for a lot of teams in our league,” Saban said.

“I mean, LSU is very, very good. Ole Miss has beaten us a couple times in the last few years. Mississippi State has got a good quarterback coming back. Arkansas’s got a good quarterback coming back. A&M’s always a very challenging team.

“I think Kirby’s doing a great job at Georgia. Jim McElwain is doing a good job at Florida. Tennessee has gotten better and better every year. I am trying to think of somebody in our league that I don’t have a tremendous amount of respect for. Vanderbilt went to a bowl game last year and had a winning season.”

The rivalry of the two dates back to when the Iron Bowl first began in 1893. Alabama has the overall lead over Auburn with a 45-35-1 record. Bama has also won the Iron Bowl the past three years since 2014.

Does Auburn pose a threat to Alabama? Saban doesn’t think so. We’ll see who gets to claim the title of the best in the state of Alabama Nov. 25.