​The Daytona Tortugas minor league baseball team has elected to pay tribute to the late Bob Ross by honoring him with his very own bobblehead night.

Bob Ross is known as the long time host of the PBS show The Joy of Painting. Ross' big hair and outwardly joyful personality became his staple as he hosted the show from 1983 until 1994.

Ross passed away in 1995 at the age of 52 after a long battle with lymphoma. The Florida native is certainly still a beloved figure in the area even to this day which was a catalyst to the prompting of the Tortuga's decision to honor him.

​​The Tortugas themselves have had a shaky season so far.

They currently sit last in the Florida State League North division and are being outpaced by the No. 1 seed by eleven games.

Bob Ross Night is certain to drum up some much needed excitement for the team. If for nothing else than to reflect on one of the city's more iconic figures.