​Bryce Harper has been the ring leader of "Making Baseball Fun Again," and he might be on to something with his latest idea for the Midsummer Classic.

Every year we hear complaints from fans and the players themselves about the All-Star Game rosters, but Bryce has an idea that could create intrigue and reduce the noise regarding snubs.

​​Harper is in favor of Major League Baseball having two All-Star captains and letting them pick teams, no matter what league they come from.

It would certainly be fun and you'd see pitcher-batter matchups you wouldn't see otherwise.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see teammates like Harper and Scherzer or Seager and Kershaw face each other on a big stage?

It sounds great right now and I don't think it's something to totally dismiss, but the NFL and NHL have done that in the past and it didn't really work out. It might get tired real quick, but it's an exhibition for the fans and it would certainly be entertaining.