​Sounds like we finally have an answer to all of these rumors swirling around Bryce Harper's future. At least for now. 

Remember when that ​report surfaced about Harper potentially joining the Chicago Cubs when he becomes a free agent? Yeah, just about everyone in the world had a blast with that speculation.

It's been fun for the last month speculating if super teams can actually form in baseball, while Nationals fans likely panicked. Well, it's time to put those dreams to rest. 

According to Harper, we may never get a chance to see if super teams can actually form in the MLB. 

​​At least Harper complimented Peter Gammons before he said he was completely wrong about his desire to play in Chicago. 

But then what was this Instagram post all about, Bryce?

The caption reads -- "Just two Vegas boys living out our dream with the ones we love! This is what it's all about..What a time to be alive #MLB #702 #Back2BackOneDay"

I guess we'll have to trust Harper's words on this subject, but his Instagram says otherwise.