​Turns out, your old friend from high school is not the only one who couldn't believe the deal Tim Hardaway Jr. was getting from the New York Knicks.

The optics are a lot worse, however, when at least one of those surprised parties are within the organization itself.

Reaction when the first ​offer sheet became public was swiftly negative. Paying almost $18 million annually to a player who hasn't warranted that type of money and who the team previously traded away is a problem in of itself.

Add in an unnecessary trade kicker and an even more unnecessary player option and people are going to start wondering if Steve Mills has the qualifications to run the team, even if it's only temporary.

There certainly has to be some concern about the team's spending over the past two years.

The New York Knicks were so close to having a positive offseason.

Now, people within the organization are laughing at the mess being made once again.