​It's not often that talented baseball players intentionally take breaks from the game, which makes Ashe Russell's departure from the Royals organization all the more intriguing. 

The Royals' 2015 first-round pick began a leave of absence last month that has no definitive end. 

His agent released an ambiguous statement on the issue earlier on Saturday:

It's apparent that there's more going on than we know at the moment.

The 20-year-old has only thrown 38.1 innings in his time as a pro player, and reportedly hasn't suffered any injuries. 

Russell told the media that he needs time to work through some personal issues away from the field, and rediscover himself outside of baseball. Royals assistant GM JJ Picollo described the absence as a "mental break," and couldn't say if Russell would return to the field this year if at all. 

The Royals have previously dealt with Zack Greinke and Danny Duffy taking breaks from the game, and obviously both returned to be successful, so this is nothing new for the organization.

Best of luck to the young righty.