​More shifts are expected to come down the pipe soon for various NBA teams.

Some of the latest news reports that the Clippers, Hawks, and Nuggets are in engaged in trade talks that would send ​Paul Millsap to Denver, Danilo Gallinari to L.A., and Jamal Crawford back to Atlanta.

However, in the event that such a move were finalized, the Clippers 37-year-old guard affirms that he would have no desire to stay in Atlanta if the deal were done.

​​At 37, Crawford is undeniably in the twilight of his career. The three-time Sixth Man of the Year recipient has zero championships on his 17-season resume, and suiting up for the Hawks certainly wouldn't get him any closer.

Crawford acknowledging that he would want to be bought out or traded in the event of being moved to the Hawks may just be the smartest thing for him to have publicized at this point in time.

Atlanta could pull out after hearing of Crawford's unwillingness to play for them, but the fact still remains, Crawford is going to have to be moved if he truly wants a shot to compete.

It looks as though the Clippers won't be doing any of that this year, either.