​Anyone who started watching Major League Baseball after ​Albert Pujols' prime really missed out.

With superstars like ​Mike Trout taking over the league, Pujols' dominance in his prime may be easy to overlook, and in some cases, forget.

That is until you compare Trout's first 858 games to Pujols' first 858 games.

​​There's no refuting the early dominance and young talent of Trout, but Pujols' first 858 games proves the kid has a long way to go to reach the legend. 

While Trout has, in many ways, electrified baseball, Pujols has a trophy case full of hardware that would make any ballplayer blush.

Father Time may have given Trout the advantage as of late, but he has a long way to go to reach the impact and tenure of Pujols.

At 37, Pujols still manages to play productive ball and hang with the young fellas.

​​Trout can only hope he's playing anywhere near the level of Pujols when he's 37.