​The Warriors are fresh off another title and are looking straight ahead for the next one. After the Dubs trounced the entire NBA postseason, it seems as if the league broke into an all-out arms race for star players. 

The Golden State Warriors were the ones who started this "arms race" and they don't plan on coming out from behind their cache of weapons anytime soon. This ultimately means that players, even fan favorites, have to be let go at some point. 

James Michael McAdoo is one of those casualties, and he'll now be an unrestricted free agent. 

​​At first, many Warriors fans may be saddened by the news, as the young man has been around for both championships while playing an extremely subtle role, but this seems like a win-win for both the player and organization. 

The Warriors already need to carve out as much cap space as possible for other key contributors, starting with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, not to mention the more prominent bench players who are heading into free agency.

Now McAdoo will have a chance to find more playing time on another team after winning two rings in the last three years. Not so bad.