​The NBA is well known for being the most progressive of the four major sports leagues. 

That streak continued as the NBA received high marks for race and gender hiring this year.

Specifically, the league received an "A" for race hiring practices and a "B" for gender hiring practices for the 2016-17 season, giving them an overall grade of "A-" for the year. 

Adam Silver also made an appearance at a Gay Pride Parade in New York City a few days ago, showing the league is accepting of sexual orientation as well. 

There are still some areas where the NBA could improve though. For example, the league received a "C-" for gender hiring at the team level. This is likely what brought their hiring practices grade down a bit.

Still, with a commissioner as progressive as Silver, expect the NBA to continue to work toward being a place of equal opportunity employment.

After all, Silver's shown in the past he won't stand for anything less.