​Cleveland has been exploring every possible avenue to keep themselves in contention for a very long time. 

After a whooping at the hands of Golden State in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers seemed to be desperate to pull off a trade to nab another star player. They ​explored trades for Jimmy Butler and Paul George, but they all fell through.

For a while Kevin Love seemed to be the man that would be shipped out, but it appears Kyrie Irving was also on the table.

​​It seems the threat of losing LeBron James after next season has really sent Cavalier management exploring any possible way to keep King James. The Cavaliers never seemed prepared to offer up Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love always seemed like the most likely candidate to be traded away.

James either thinks Kyrie is more valuable than George or he really wants to have his options open. A trade like this would've no doubt helped Cleveland, George is one of the NBA's best and Eric Bledsoe is an above-average point guard.

While this trade would have no doubt improved Cleveland even if it was slightly, LeBron James failure to committ ultimately nixed the deal.