​Oh, the 2016 NBA title seems so long ago.

After falling to the Warriors in five games in the NBA Finals this year, the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to figure out how they can compete with Golden State. So far, everything they have done this offseason has been a step backward.

Owner Dan Gilbert and GM David Griffin, who assembled a Cavs team that made the Finals in each of his three seasons as GM, ​agreed to part ways. Griffin and Gilbert did not see eye to eye on the team's future, which was the reason for Griffin's departure.

James, a big fan of Gilbert's, was reportedly not consulted on the decision to let Griffin go.

​​Ever since James' departure from Cleveland to Miami in 2010, James and Gilbert have had a very strained relationship. Everyone remembers the letter Gilbert wrote when James left. When LeBron returned to Cleveland in 2014, he made it clear that he was coming home because of a relationship "bigger than basketball" with Northeast Ohio; it had nothing to do with Gilbert.

James has an opt-out in his contract after next year, and many experts are starting to think that the best player in the world may be taking his talents elsewhere, again.

And now Cavs star point guard, Kyrie Irving, also reportedly wants out should James show any indication he is leaving in 2018.

Should James become unhappy or unsatisfied with the team over the next year, you better believe he will strongly consider leaving again. When he came back to Cleveland, he had one goal: to bring a championship to Northeast Ohio. 

James did that, and owes nothing more to Cleveland.

With Gilbert in the forefront of it all, this Cavaliers team as we know it could look entirely different in a years time and that will Gilbert's fault.