Time to get paid, or time to win another ring?

The Golden State Warriors are the team to beat right now in the NBA. After a dominating performance in the Finals, any player would be daft not to want to join the Warriors this offseason and take an easy trip to another Finals appearance. 

However, it sounds like that might not be the case, and some of their own players may be jumping ship already. According to reports, key veteran Andre Iguodala is seriously considering going elsewhere in free agency this summer. 

​​This report makes things about 100 times more confusing for the Warriors. Initial reports from the camps stated that the team already ​agreed on terms for him to re-sign and stay with the Warriors for the future. 

Clearly something changed, and we probably won't know what it is until we see where Iggy winds up going. Could he be trying to return home to Philly and help that young core? Maybe he just wants more money elsewhere. 

Reports indicate that a few teams are already interested. 

All of those teams are in desperate need of a true small forward to lead their top units, so any of them would make sense at this point. 

It's going to be interesting for sure.