What better way to spend the offseason?

​The New England Patriots and the rest of the teams in the NFL have wrapped up mandatory minicamp, and are now going into the most boring month in the NFL calendar year. July is a sad time for fans, but it at least gives us stories like this. 

Pats wide receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola took their time off to do something crazy, but crazily hilarious. The duo took to the ring and spent a few hours training with some luchadores. 

And they looked fuego doing it.

​​Could you imagine these two in the ring together as a tag-team matchup? What would their name be anyway? Belichick's Boys? The Pat Splat? Eh, I'm sure they'd come up with something better than that. 

Maybe this is a post-football career move for these guys. Or maybe just a pregame outfit choice.