​David Price made just enough pitches to work his way out of jams.

Joe Musgrove hung one curveball too many to Xander Bogaerts.

And that's exactly how you take a lead on the AL's best team and double your home run total for the season in one fell swoop.

Check out this one finding its way to the Crawford Boxes so quickly.

And just like that, as a certain kiddo predicted earlier this week, there's a two-run home run for Xander Bogaerts with the smoothest possible swing.

​​Right on the money, kid. Good on you.

We've never seen something like this before. No, not a Red Sox comeback. That's easy enough.

We've never seen the X-Man do this before, yet we're sure this won't be the final time.

That swing is back in a major way. Should be enough tonight.