Paul George has reportedly told the Pacers that he ​intends to leave for Los Angeles in 2018, which puts the pressure on Indiana to trade him before they lose him for nothing in return as a free agent. 

Cleveland has emerged as a possible suitor for George after it became apparent that the​y needed more wing talent to compete with the Warriors in the NBA Finals, and they could conceivably part with Kevin Love in order to make the deal work. 

ESPN's Zach Lowe furthers those reports, noting that the Pacers are moving quickly in getting some sort of Paul George trade done.

​​With the LA Lakers as the other clear contenders in the Paul George sweepstakes, the Pacers would be smart to get this deal done before the draft if the No. 2 overall pick is going to be involved. The NBA offseason is always an exciting time, and it didn't take long for a potential league-changing rumor to pop up.

And move remarkably quickly.