​There's simply no way Kevin Durant didn't get hacked here...right?

Let's assume KD's returned to Twitter with a head of steam after snagging his first ring, though, and decided to use his time to argue with some Oklahoma City tweens.

It all started innocently enough with some kiddos pressing him about visiting Universal City Walk. As you do.

KD's response was...muted but still kind of inflammatory?

​​Then, however, the world started dropping Draymond in his mentions a few times per second in an attempt to get a rise out of him.


While this is still City Walk-focused, KD seems to be keeping things in control. So what, he likes Draymond, big whoop.

​That is, until​​ some rumors from KD's OKC past got unearthed. "Rumors" might be too generous. We're talking some real nonsense. Nevertheless, KD just. Kept. Responding.

​​No, Kevin, no. Just ignore this.

He didn't ignore this.

To be fair, neither of them were doing all that well, but it certainly got weirder and weirder that KD was still hanging around this mischief as it drags on.

​​Don't respond, Kevin! You're the literal Finals MVP!

Thankfully, the name wasn't revealed.

..."always do"? How does KD know this rando?

She can't hoop. KD can. End of story...we hope.

Man, KD's return to Twitter is one day deep and it's already so, so fun.