​You guys know Zack Hample, right? The weird nerd who somehow snuck into the Fort Bragg Military Base with the express purpose of adding four more baseballs to his bathtub full of them?

The dorkus who got clobbered on a Didi Gregorius game-winning homer at Yankee Stadium last year and pulled off a hissyfit befitting of a failed Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory contestant?

​​Well, Sunday he was back at it, basking in the Los Angeles sun demanding special edition Father's Day blue baseballs from Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.



And in response, Kershaw destroyed his entire essence.

"Sigh" indeed. The biggest sigh of all time.

Hample's totally right with the whole paycheck quip, too. Telling someone with a million baseballs--something that isn't currency--that they can't have another baseball is definitely akin to stopping payment at a job.

And Kershaw is right. It literally, literally, literally would not mean so much to him. It would mean so much until the next one rolled along.

Odds are Hample caught another four during the game anyway, so who cares?