​Mark Twain once said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled." 

But, obviously, millions of people play golf and love the sport. 

With the 117th U.S. Open wrapping up at Erin Hills, Brooks Koepka separated himself from the competition to win the tournament at 16 under par. 

But the other thing separating Koepka from the other golfers is the fact that he doesn't seem to like golf all that much.

In an interview with Golf Digest in 2015, Koepka voiced his relationship with golf clearly.

"If I could do it over again, I’d play baseball—100 percent, no doubt,” he said. 

"Golf is kind of boring, not much action. I come from a baseball family, and it’s in my blood.”

Koepka's great-uncle, Dick Groat, won two World series and an MVP in 1960 with the Pirates, so Koepka literally has a blood connection to the game.

Nonetheless, Koepka should be proud of his record-breaking championship performance, which tied the record for lowest score to par and beat second place by four strokes. 

He may not be able to hit a home run, but he can drive a 3-wood over 300 yards, and I think that suffices.