​This story just continues to gain steam.

To update, Paul George has gracefully ​told the Pacers he does not plan on signing there after this season. In response, Indiana has ​engaged in trade talks around the league regarding a potential rental option for the 2017 season. 

According to Woj (who is killing it today, by the way), one of the teams Indiana has spoken with is....the Cavs. Drum roll not necessary.

Needless to say, this addition would greatly improve the Cavs' chances against the Warriors, even if they were forced to give up Kevin Love in the process.

For those unfamiliar, Love has failed to mesh with the Cavs' core at times during his tenure in Cleveland, even in their championship season.

But at this point, the parameters of a potential deal haven't even been revealed. It appears to just be introductory talks, and both sides have a long way to go.

This would be the perfect one-year rental for Cleveland, especially if the rumors regarding LeBron's interest in LA come 2018 are true.

This summer could get wild, but what else is new in the world of NBA Free Agency.