​The Watt family is football royalty, especially after youngest brother T.J. was drafted in the first round by the Steelers.

It'll be hard for him to live up to the already legendary career J.J. has built up, but J.J. is hardly concerned with that. Like any man his size, Watt's first priority is food.

More specifically, T.J. buying him the food.

​​The Watt brothers - J.J., T.J., and middle brother Derek, a fullback for the Chargers - will be returning to their hometown in Wisconsin for some dinners with their family and old coaches and trainers that helped them get to where they are today.

And the plan is to make T.J., fresh off a signing bonus of nearly $5 million, pay for them all this time.

​​Imagine the absurd amount of meat it would take to fill up the three Watt brothers. Are there enough cows in Wisconsin?

The Watt brothers are rolling in dough right now, but it's amazing how quickly they cease to be "millionaire NFL players" and turn into "goofball brothers" when talking about each other.