Respect, kid.

​If you've been a fan of Major League Baseball since the turn of the century, you may remember the name Darren Baker. His father, Dusty Baker, is currently the manager of the Washington Nationals and previously managed the San Francisco Giants between 1993 and 2002, the same year he took them to the World Series.

​During that Fall Classic, an adorable bat boy carved his name into baseball lore by innocently doing his job at the worst possible time, nearly getting run over by incoming baserunners.

​​Now, fifteen years later, Darren Baker was snatched by the Washington Nationals in the 27th round of this year's MLB Draft. 

The 18-year-old shortstop will likely continue his baseball career at Cal and skip out on the minors- for now- but he's definitely confident this won't be the last time he hears his name called. 

Just ask Twitter user "DFrancon," who was straight up owned by Baker on his big day.

Here's the initial tweet that caught Baker's attention:

Pretty rotten thing to say, but Baker got the last laugh in hilarious fashion:

​​Take a lap, bud.

​Good for Darren Baker for setting this clown straight.