​The long-awaited decision by the NCAA regarding the serious allegations against Louisville has finally been made.

This morning, college sports' governing body voted to suspend Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino for the first five games of the ACC conference slate.

Additionally, the school will have to vacate wins from 2010-2014, which could very well put their 2013 National Title at risk. They'll also serve four years of probation.

That, of course, is the big remaining question. 

Schools often have to vacate wins in these situations, especially with a scandal as serious as the one Louisville is dealing with.

For those that need a reminder, former Louisville assistant Andre McGee facilitated a poor man's prostitution ring for incoming recruits and players over a three year period, at least. Those allegations were brought to light by one of the women involved in a recent book.

The school has failed to put forth any sort of punishment upon itself, besides the obvious decision to fire McGee.

The full report is rather huge, but worth a read for more information regarding the incident at hand.

Some have already argued that this is hardly even a slap on the wrist for Pitino. While a five-game penalty will certainly impact Louisville, it won't cripple them.

The most important result of this punishment should be the precedent it sets for other schools in persuading them not to partake in similar activities. We can only hope this was enough.

The school will respond to the allegations around 12:30 PM.